"Hot Rod" Todd Scott

Growing up in the midwest, it was KMOX radio station on my mother's old tube radio that would provide the soundtrack for my morning breakfast. The golden voice coming through the speaker would recount the action from the previous night's Cardinals game - the ending which I had missed because of school night bedtime. We didn't need a clock, because we knew exactly what time each segment aired. When the morning march played it was time to brush my teeth and by the time the news sounder hit at 7am, I had better be out the door to catch the school bus.

On the bus, the kids all chipped in to buy a used car stereo and some speakers which some of the older boys installed. The driver was nice enough to put in some earplugs and let us rock out with KSHE or KWK radio stations.

By the time WKRP In Cincinatti debuted on the tube in the late 70s, I already knew what I would be when I grew up. Pretending to be Dr. Johnny Fever, I would spin my mom's Beatles records on matching phonographs belonging to my brother and I. I would record my show complete with ad-libbed commercials on a hand held cassette player I had earned selling magazine subscriptions for my school.

I left home for College in Arkansas in 1985 and two months later I walked into the local radio station and asked for a job. Danny Boyles, now at the legendary WSM in Nashville, gave me my first break. It was sink or swim, as I started my first shift voicing a 20 minute newscast. I was just 18 years old. 26 years later, I am still playing the same tunes on the airwaves though they are now considered rock classics and oldies.

My kids think I'm a relic, but they think my radio station is kinda COOL.