Chicago co-founder and trombone player James Pankow was born in St. Louis on August 20, 1947. Walter Parazaider recruited Pankow to join his band The Big Thing while the pair were students at DePaul University. The Big Thing would later morph into Chicago. Pankow is the principal arranger for the horn section and has penned a number of the band's most memorable hits including "Make Me Smile", "Colour My World", "Just You 'N Me", "Feelin' Stronger Every Day", "Old Days" and many others. He is the older brother of actor John Pankow. James and Chicago have just released a new single "Somethin' Comin', I Know".

Meanwhile, former drummer Danny Seraphine is asking fans to push for a reunion of the vintage Chicago lineup which would also include Peter Cetera. Seraphine wants fans to tweet their support for the proposed reunion. Dan Seraphines' Twitter